Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Healthy eating on a budget

Ahh!! I have been having some major blogging withdrawals! 
First of all I typically blog from my phone and it can be extremely frustrating trying to post pictures and link from my phone. I have written several blogs on my phone and had them almost done then everything went blank :/
And of course my wedding is in 2 months and wedding planning chaos is in full swing!
Well today I wanted to share some tips with you on eating healthy on a budget, but before I do that I want to tell you about my new hobby, Couponing! I am not as extreme as the people on tv but I have gotten a ton of stuff for free and cheap! Just the other day I got $43 worth of stuff from Walmart and they actually paid me $5!! Woo!! That's the best!!
Ok, so the number one rule of coupon is to shop by sales and plan your meals accordingly.
Just a few examples: several weeks ago Kroger had green peppers on sale for 3 for $1. That's .33 each compared to about .60 each. I bought about 12 and chopped them up and froze them! My family loves green peppers and we like to freeze them and just throw them in with whatever were cooking. 
Another example is when Kroger had whole wheat pasta on sale (with a sale and a coupon i got name brand pasta for .50 a box) so I bought enough boxes to last until they expire. I also try to only buy fruit when it is on sale and buy enough to freeze and last me at least 4 weeks.
If you really want to save a lot of money you have to buy in bulk when something is cheap. 
Lets say your family goes through 1 box of strawberries a week and a box of strawberries is normally $2.50 a box but you find them on sale for $1, you could buy one box and save $1.50 or you could buy 4 and save $6! When I do this I will keep one in the fridge to eat right away then the rest I will cut up and freeze to put in smoothies and oatmeal.
In addition to buying in bulk you can also plan your meals based on what's on sale that week. When I bought a ton of green peppers I decided to not cut some of them and make stuffed peppers, I had also found ground turkey on markdown and we already had brown rice, the only other things I had to buy was some tomatoes and green chiles. The whole meal for 4 people (with leftovers) was only about $7!
These are just a few tips that I thought of and I will post more if I think of more :)
Do you have any questions about how I eat healthy on a budget? Do you have any additional suggestions?

P.S. if you live near a kroger check their produce ads every week! They always have good sales on produce! Like this week the have cantaloupe for .97 each!! 

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  1. You are so good at finding deals! Love all the advice!