Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursday Link Up!!

Welcome back to another week of Thrifty Thursday!
 I have a confession..
I am slightly obsessed with Extreme Couponing on TLC
I have even been an "extreme couponer" before, but I was not as extreme as the ones you see on TV
Although I think couponing is great and saves loads of money (even if you only did it for toiletries and cleaning supplies) I know that not everyone has the time to coupon, because of this I want to share another super easy way to save money without coupons!
Price Match!!!
Every Sunday I look through all the ads and take note of which items I want, then I go to Walmart with my list and when I get to the register with my items I tell them I am going to be price matching some items and tell them how much the item is advertised for at the other store, they put that price in and ta-da!! You saved money! So easy!
The other day I price matched at Walmart and got
4 boxes of cereal
a 4lb bag of oranges
6 boxes of pizza rolls
some frozen dinners and pot pies
frozen burritos
(I am going to be out of town and my hubby needs to eat so frozen food it is! haha!)
3 bags of frozen veggies
I spent less about $20 on all that stuff!!

If you are not price matching you are throwing your money away!
Happy Thrifting y'all!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Steak and Being Thrifty (A New Link Up!!)

If you read my recipes you will probably discover that I'm a cheapskate thrifty shopper, so I am just as shocked as you are that I made steak for dinner last night.
EVERY time I go to Kroger or Walmart I check out the meat section to see what they have discounted.
I NEVER pay full price for meat. Ever.
Well one day while I was at Kroger probably just running in for milk I stopped by the meat section and to my surprise they had Angus steaks marked down! YIPPEE!! Kroger usually has a lot of pork market down but every once in awhile you can find something great!
I grabbed 2 of those suckers and did the happy dance all the way home! Ok not really but we can pretend.
I put all my meat in the freezer until I am ready to use it, this is especially important if you buy mark down meat because it may be close to expiration, I have never had an issue with the taste being off because of being frozen.
With my first piece I made beef stew.. Sadly I didn't document that :(
But last night I made steak with roasted potatoes and green beans.
I used this recipe.
Yum.. Makes your mouth water doesn't it?
Mmm.. Perfect.
I used a mix of potatoes and sweet potatoes, cut them and put them in a large zip lock bag and marinated them in Italian dressing and Italian seasoning, right before I put them in the oven I added some basil and garlic powder. I think I cooked them for about 40 minutes on 400.

Mmm.. I want more!
This whole meal cost about $5
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Wow I seriously cannot believe its already Thursday, this week has flown by!!
This has been a very exciting week for me because some of my Mary Kay girlfriends and I are giving away 2 $100 Visa Gift Cards!!
Everyone that calls and listens to a woman's 15-20 minute rags to riches story in Mary Kay will get entered to in 1 of 2 $100 gift cards!! I am so excited because I have already had 12 people call in and more will call in the next few days!!
What does that mean?
 At least 12 of my friends will have a really great chance in winning $100 AND when I have the most people call I get $50!! WOOO!!!
I also have a new team member! Yay! She will get 5 entries into the giveaway since she signed up!
I am just so excited to see what this business does in my life and the lives of all the woman I touch through this business. I absolutely love this business and all it stands for!
If you want a shot at the $100 comment below and I will send you the details!!
check out my new Instagram sjhenrymkgirl
and both of my Facebook pages Mary Kay Page and Blog Page


Love you all! MUAH!!
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Monday, February 10, 2014

My Weekend

It is really hard to write about my weekend when I really didn't do much.
On Saturday I went to Kroger then had a Mary Kay party and that is about the extent of what I did haha!
Sorry my life is so lame right now, but Jason's brother was in town visiting so we kinda just hung out at the house with him all weekend.
Here are some pictures from my weekend.

Do I still live in Ohio? Or did we someone get transported to Alaska??
Seriously! Mountains of snow everywhere!!

Mmmm Pink Lemonade and cucumbers with salt! Has anyone else ever had cucumbers and salt? I picked this up from my mom.

Mmmm Blueberry Pomegranate Tea

I got so excited to eat and started chowing down before I remembered to snap a pic.. So here is my half ate dinner lol, its smoked sausage cooked with onions, peppers and mushrooms, a can of tomatoes thrown in the food processer along with some various Italian seasonings and thrown on top of spaghetti YUM!!
Hope you had a great or more productive weekend than me! 

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hey Y'all

Wow where do I start?? I stopped posting on my blog for a little while and I have missed it and all of you so much!!
My husband had been working 12 hour shifts so most days he was either not home or sleeping in the morning when I would post, well he left that job and there was a little bit of time before he got another job. I was so used to being home alone all morning and all the sudden he was here with me! As you can guess my blog got put on the back burner because I was so thrilled to have that extra time with the hubby.
Well hubby now has a new job and wakes up and leaves before I get up.. I tried getting up with him a few times but my body didn't appreciate that.. I like sleep! lol
I also started my own business as a Professional Image Consultant with Mary Kay! That has also taken up some of my time, but I think I have learned a good balance and I hope to be able to post more often! I might not post every day but I won't be MIA like before :)
Go like my new Mary Kay page!

Talk to you soon!!!

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