Monday, February 10, 2014

My Weekend

It is really hard to write about my weekend when I really didn't do much.
On Saturday I went to Kroger then had a Mary Kay party and that is about the extent of what I did haha!
Sorry my life is so lame right now, but Jason's brother was in town visiting so we kinda just hung out at the house with him all weekend.
Here are some pictures from my weekend.

Do I still live in Ohio? Or did we someone get transported to Alaska??
Seriously! Mountains of snow everywhere!!

Mmmm Pink Lemonade and cucumbers with salt! Has anyone else ever had cucumbers and salt? I picked this up from my mom.

Mmmm Blueberry Pomegranate Tea

I got so excited to eat and started chowing down before I remembered to snap a pic.. So here is my half ate dinner lol, its smoked sausage cooked with onions, peppers and mushrooms, a can of tomatoes thrown in the food processer along with some various Italian seasonings and thrown on top of spaghetti YUM!!
Hope you had a great or more productive weekend than me! 

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