Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yeah baby!!

Today started off a little rough, I set my alarm for 6am to wake up and do insanity before work, but I pushed snooze a few to many times so that didn't happen. After dropping off the boys that I nanny at school I went back to the house and changed then realized I left the insanity DVD at home, by this point I was just frustrated! But I was happy that I got to sit down and watch the biggest loser :) by now I had decided I would just do it when I got home. On my way home I ran into some traffic that I sat in for 30 minutes!! Oh, and to add to the excitement my gas light came on when I was less than 5 minutes from home so I got some gas so I wouldn't have to leave early in the morning. By the time I got home I was overwhelmed, hungry and tired! I did not want to work out!! :/ I decided to weigh myself  as soon as I got home.
May of last year I reached my lowest weight of 153. When I weighted myself today I was 152!!!!! Ahh!!! I have lost 9 pounds since I've started working out and eating healthy again! And according to my Wii fit I am 2.1 pounds away from being in the "normal" weight zone instead of overweight!!! After that I was sooo excited that I couldn't start my workout soon enough!! The workout was a little rough though because I was so hungry! But I pushed through! I'm so happy right now!! :) you can do it too! When you don't feel like working out just get up and do it!! I believe in you! Getting started is the hardest part! Get up and go!

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