Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baked Sweet Potato!!

A few weeks ago chef Devin Alexander (the author of all the biggest loser cookbooks) was on the Bigest Loser and showed the contestants a recipe for a Southwest Loaded Sweet Potato, all it takes is a baked sweet potato, ground turkey, salsa (she used a red salsa and a green salsa) and a dallop of Greek yogurt (a good substitute for sour cream).  Honestly, when I saw this I thought EWW!! I would never put those things together! But the contestants tried it and loved it!
The next day I got on Facebook to see that Amanda Tyson (a girl who tried out for biggest loser but didn't make it so she did it on her own!) had made her own version of it and loved it. She made hers with ground turkey, salsa, Greek yogurt and scallions.
I was really nervous but decided I'd try it. Well kinda, I made due with what I had. I put salsa, low fat sour cream and scallions on it. I made sure to have a drink of water to wash it down if I hated it! I didn't need it! It was delicious!! I am going to buy some ground turkey today to make meatballs for dinner tomorrow and I'm going to save a little bit to put on a sweet potato for lunch on Monday! I can't wait to try it with the ground turkey! It will make it a great hearty and healthy meal! This meal has so many potential alternatives to how you can make it! Let me know if you try it and what you put on yours!
I used the totinos all natural black bean and corn salsa with Low fat Daisy sour cream.

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