Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I wore: Work out edition

I confess, I have not worn anything besides jeans and tee shirts this week, and because of that I decided to look back on some of my first 5k races and share what I wore.
Who ever said you can't look cute while working out is just jealous of those of us that can pull it off.
I think it is totally acceptable to look cute while dripping in sweat.
Here are some pictures from my first ever 5k.

I love looking at these pictures, I can still feel the excitement of that day.
I wore 2 tank tops from Old Navy
Yoga pants- Victoria's Secret
The best running shoes ever- Nike

On race day I wore a tank from Gap Outlet and Under Armor running shorts from Dick's

At the finish line! And that was not my time! I didn't do great but I definitely didn't do that bad! haha!
Thanks mom for the action shot! Haha! See me on the left?

This was for the Red Leg run, it ended on the Reds field.

I wore a Reds shirt and yoga pants both from Victoria's Secret.

The Color run! I wore a tank top from Wal-Mart
Shorts from a thrift store
knee high socks from Wal-Mart

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  1. I loved the color run!! I always think its important to feel cute when you're working out . . . it just makes me feel so much better about running!

  2. love the photo from the color run!!!

  3. Found you from the pleated poppy linkup- I'm a Cincy girl & a runner, too! Congrats on all your races! I love the Reds outfit the best!

  4. i really need some new workout clothes!!

    Sandy a la Mode