Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 Things I'd Rather Do Than Celebrate Halloween

I am not a huge fan of Halloween, maybe as a kid or college student I was but now there is really nothing to be excited about.
I couldn't think of anything to write about so I decided to link up with Erin @ Living in Yellow.
Here are the 5 things I would rather do tonight than celebrate Halloween
1. Eat Candy. If I am going to buy candy I will eat it myself, no reason to buy candy for some others persons kid. Just Sayin.
2. Buy Clothes rather than costumes. The only outfit I want to pay a fortune for and only where once is my wedding dress, I don't want to buy an expensive costume that I will wear once and never wear again, because we all know you can't wear the same costume 2 years in a row.
3. Watch a not scary movie. Back in the day I enjoyed going to haunted houses and watching scary movies but deep down the only reason I liked doing those things was so that I could be scared and the guy I was with would "protect me" or hold me while we were both scared. Now a days I don't need a scary movie as an excuse to cuddle, the hubs and I cuddle while watching any movie!
4. Hide in a bush and scare some kids. Ok I would never really do this but it sounds like it would be fun! Haha
5. Although I kinda already said this, I would rather cuddle with my hubby and watch TV or a movie.

So there you have it.
Now you know what I will be doing tonight and this weekend instead of dressing up or passing out candy.

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  1. #4 Haha!! Such a meanie!! So funny! Such a fun little link up!