Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day by Day

We are getting so close to being completely moved into the house! I am so excited!!
Saturday cannot come soon enough!!
We now have a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer!
Let me just tell you how stressful it was to get these things installed!
Well mostly how stressed I was while watching the Lowe's guys install it.
First of all let me say that I was very diligent in making sure I measured the fridge before I got it and it was the right size.
Well when they brought the fridge in they started to install it and the footboard was in the way and it would not fit.
Easy way to fix that is to remove the footboard. Done.
I don't know why it was even there to start with, its not like anyone would ever see it.
Once they got that off they realized that the cabinets above the fridge are not even and one side is lower than the other.
We come to the conclusion that Jason will trim the cabinet to make the fridge fit.
Now on to the washer and dryer.
they got the washer in easily but the dryer wouldn't fit. UGH!
Let me mention that our "laundry room" is more like a closet so there is not much space.
Any who... they figured out that if they switch them and put the dryer where the washer is it will fit.
It work! But now we can only open the door to the dryer about half way. oh well.
OH! Do you remember that nasty dishwasher I showed you yesterday?
I went to Walmart and got a Finish dishwasher cleaner, you just put it in the dish washer and run a load.
I seriously thought it was a waste of $3.95. No way it could clean this nasty thing.
Well when I went to check I was in total AWE!!
It really cleaned it! I was so surprised and happy!!! :)
Wow! Wow! Wow!
They look like two different dishwasher!
I highly recommend this stuff!!!
Oh also in the midst of all this moving I am still using the chicken from my whole chicken that I made in the crock pot.
I made some really delicious chicken noodle soup using almost all leftovers!
Here is what I used
Shredded chicken
chopped celery, onion and carrots that I used to make my broth 
chicken broth
and spaghetti
(You can use what ever pasta you want but for some reason I wanted to use spaghetti)

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