Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Half way home!

We got the keys to our new house yesterday!
Today my father-in-law came to help us with some moving.
And he treated us to breakfast at Bob Evans! YUM!
We were able to get a lot done today and I hope to get the rest either throughout the week or on Saturday when more people come help us.
I am soooooooo excited!
I am also super stoked that we got a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer all for about the original price of the fridge! Woo!!
We got it all from Lowe's
Let me just say, the scratch and dent section at Lowe's is the place to go!
They have so many nice appliances that just got a little scratch on them and they are discounted $100s to even $1000s off!
We managed to get $500 off our fridge and on top of that we got a military discount off of everything.
As I mentioned before, we got the keys yesterday and I went to the house to take a car load of stuf in the morning.
I took a tour of the house and noticed a few things I was not to fond of, here is a little picture tour.

Packed and ready to go!

My passenger seat.. I would like to point out the hair spray under the basket, it started spraying while I was driving and I had no clue what was going on until I smelt it and I knew it was my hairspray haha!
Living room.
This picture makes it look way smaller than it is.
And we did not notice the dirty carpets before we bought the house.
Thankfully my best friend has a carpet cleaner and she is coming to help me clean them!
Random thing behind the front door.
Any ideas what to put here??
Stairs.. is it just me or does the carpet look kind of pink in this picture??
Another thing we will tackle with the carpet cleaner!
Master Bedroom
Master bathroom
They left some cleaning supplies.. I thought "oh how kind" until I saw this..
Uh gross! Now I know why you left me cleaning supplies! And I know why the bottles were full! Because you never cleaned!
Bathroom number two
Spare bedroom.
There are two but they look the same so no need to post a picture of both.
The dish washer.. EWWWWW!
How could anything get clean in this??
Is it nice or weird that they left us their entire spice cabinet??
Well that's all for today!
I will try to post more pictures and updates tomorrow!


  1. Use space behind entry door for a place to hang coats & such. Maybe a shoe rack on the bottom...

  2. We already have a closet that we will use for coats. I think the previous owners put some kind of plant in it.

  3. Yah! I see the picture you out up of my room! Haha! I'm taking over the guest room! :)

  4. Congrats on the new home! In that nook behind the front door I would put a rack for jackets and a shelf for shoes. Or just a bunch of shelves you could decorate considering your front door will probably be closed 99% of the time.