Monday, August 26, 2013

Our last weekend in the apartment!

Hello darlings! I hope you had a great weekend.
Friday night I went to my mother-in-laws to maker dinner with her, I sure am going to miss living so close to her!
Saturday I got my hair cut! I really needed it and it feels great to get all those dead ends off.
After my hair appointment I went to meet my friend (along with her husband and son) for dinner, we decided to ditch the boys and go shopping.
We went to Target because I wanted to look at their tees they had on sale for $5, I got three and 2 cardigans!
the three on the left are the tees and the two on the right are the cardigans

I can't wait for fall weather so I can start wearing them!
I tried really hard to get a ton of packing done but it is just so overwhelming and I don't know what to pack. We have a lot of stuff that doesn't necessarily need to go in a box, we can just throw it in the car and go, but I feel that I should do something with it.
Did I mention we get the keys tomorrow!?!?
We have until Saturday to move out of the apartment but I am stressing out just a little bit.
I made some chicken and rice with my leftover chicken from my whole chicken that I made last week.
The chicken and rice was really good and it is so easy to make!
My mom used to make it all the time and she would boil chicken until it fell off the bones, then she would use the liquid from the chicken to cook the rice, then you mix in the semi-shredded (I just rip it in pieces, you don't want it to be completely shredded) chicken.
Since my chicken was already cooked I just cooked the rice with my homemade chicken broth then added a little more broth and the chicken piece, I also added a little salt to bring out the flavor.
I hope y'all had a great weekend as well!
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  1. Those Target tees are of my favorite things in the world! I have far too many in my closet!

  2. Ohh I need to go shopping! Those are cute, to bad nothing fits mu big belly! Haha just two months to go! Also that chicken and rice looks so good!!
    Thanks so much for linking up =)