Monday, August 5, 2013

Happily Ever After...

Well hello, stranger. 
pull up a chair, get a cup of coffee and lets catch up. 
Where do I start? Well.. I got married and I have been settling into my new life as a wife, on top of that we are in the {very stressful} process of buying a house.
In my time away from my blog I had been trying to decide if I would come back or just give up blogging all together. As you can see I have decided to come back, even if no one ever read a single post, I enjoy blogging.  
In my time away I have been thinking about the direction I would like to take my blog. I do enjoy writing about fitness and eating healthy, but that’s not what my whole life is about. I would like to start blogging more about my life and include recipes I make along the way and fitness tips that I think would be helpful to you!
So let’s go!
Here are some pictures from our wedding
All pictures were taken by REJ photography. If you are in the Cincinnati/Northern Ky area I highly recommend her!
WARNING!! Prepare yourself for picture over load!!

Getting my hair done and sipping my starbucks “bride” iced coffee!
Ok so our wedding was supposed to be outside in a field and the reception would be in a refurbished barn in the same area.. Well mother nature did not have the same plan. The forecast was basically 100% chance of rain.. well every time I wear my rain boots thinking it is going to rain it doesn’t rain.. I thought that maybe if I wore my rain boots it wouldn’t rain! I was wrong.. but hey at least they look cute! :)

I made these little goodie bags for kids to keep entertained while we were getting pictures done. They consisted of the bags that my sister used for the candy bar at her wedding, candy, stickers, crayons and paper bought at the dollar store and a pack of straws bought at Kroger for .88. I got the basket at Michaels for 50% off.

Love this picture!! All of my something's
Something old- the pearl necklace that my sister gave to me to be worn in her wedding
Something new- my veil
Something barrowed- the boots that my best friend wore in her wedding.. and might I add they are legit vintage boots that her aunt gave her. They are awesome!!!
Something blue- my toss garter

Jason's cousins made these AMAZING cake balls! Yum!!
Ah I love everything about this picture!! I found this awesome suitcase at a yard sale and I think I paid $3 for it, I bought the lace at a yard sale for .25 it was actually supposed to be curtains! The cards banner I made by cutting burlap, painting the letters on and using the hot glue gun to glue it to twine. And the canvas I made with a picture my photographer took during our engagement session, I paid a 3.99 for 2 canvas' at hobby lobby and like $2 for the picture off of and of course modge podge :)

I printed about a million pictures of Jason and I from the whole time we were together and hung them on twine with clothes line pins and nailed them up. Hopefully our guest enjoyed looking at them and getting to know us as a couple.

When I bought this little beauty it was an ugly picture inside an ugly shiny gold frame.
With a little imagination it became this!!
I started by painting the outsides, I also had another one that I painted pink.
Then I made, yes made my own chalk board paint. It is so easy! Just un-sanded tile grout and any paint you want to use (I used the cheap stuff you can get for $1 or less at Wal-Mart)
you want to use roughly 1/2 cup paint per 1 T of the grout.
p.s. you can use any color paint you want!!

These are my programs that were technically invitations but they worked perfectly as programs and totally went with our theme! And I got the basket at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!

My centerpieces! I bought the burlap and some of the mason jars from a girl off craigslist, the rest I bought at thrift stores. The wood I got from a friend who happened to have some trees cut down.. how lucky am I?! My uncle cut them all to the size I wanted. Oh and the flowers, I bought all my flowers from Kroger and my bridesmaids and I made the arrangements the night before

Another burlap banner I made

my beautiful dress.. yet another bargain
Retail price $1,200
Price I paid $400-$500 I can't remember the exact price

how many people does it take to get a wedding dress on?? haha

All dressed and ready!

 uhh.. I don't think my bridesmaids got the memo that you're not supposed to look better than the bride.. haha they are all so gorgeous!!!

I love this picture.. let me explain.
Jason had dropped one of his groomsmen off while the girls were still taking pictures and was driving around until we told him he could come back.. well the goof balls drives by the barn as we are standing in the barn doors finishing our pictures so we all freak out and Rachel stands in front of me to make sure Jason doesn't see me as he drives by.
We like to call this picture operation hide the bride

I love this picture :)

My boys that I watch :) I love them sooo much!!

my granny,
I love her sooo much!! She means the world to me and I hope she knows that!

Jason and I decided to stick with tradition and not see each other before the wedding.

Ready or not here they come!

hahahaha I laugh every time I see this picture!!
Why was I making this face?

Leaning on my daddy :)


 Jason and I decided not to do a unity candle and do a cord braiding instead.
I had seen this idea a few places and I loved it!
here is where it comes from
Ecclesiastes 4:12. 
“Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord is not quickly broken"

 so basically we had three cords
a white one to represent me
a blue one to represent Jason
and a purple one to represent Christ
Jason and I alone are not very strong but with the power of Christ we are a threefold cord that is not easily broken.

Ok and now is the point that I feel like I am overwhelming you.. So I am going to stop here and continue with our wedding pictures/story another time..
Hope you enjoy!!
See y'all soon.


  1. Oh my gosh. I love everything about this post!

    First of all, wow you're creative and thrifty! I'm super impressed!
    Second, Operation Hide the Bride is hilarious. Nice work to your 'maids!
    Third, we're going the traditional route, too! I love the around the door thing you did. Too sweet!
    Finally, the cord tying is such an awesome idea! I absolutely love it!

    Thanks so much for linking up! :)

  2. Aww how sweet. I wish your pictures were bigger though! How fun!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks! I fixed the pictures! I posted this before I learned the "right way" to post pictures. haha!

  3. LOVE your wedding decor! And your dress is gorgeous! You were a beautiful bride :)

  4. I love all your pictures and how everything fits so well together! I think my favorite out of everything you posted though just might be that card box. It's just so pretty!

  5. Can I ask where you got your dress? It is beautiful!