Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting ready for move in day!

I just have to say that I literally have the best BFF ever!
She came over to the new house today to clean my carpets.. she is so nice! :)
The carpets don't look perfect but it is better than how they started!
Thanks Rach! Love you!

See those little black spots to the right side of the picture? The carpet cleaner would get hairballs and spit out wads of dog hair, it spit out a ton and that was after I vacuumed twice!
Look right above the cord.. you should see a line of clean and not clean.
I also vacuumed the whole house and collected like 5 pounds of dog hair! Ok maybe not that much but there was so much!!!
Pretty sure they never vacuumed while they lived there.

I also have another recipe from my whole chicken!!

I made chicken tortilla soup inspired by The Pioneer Woman
here is a link to the recipe that I followed for the most part
I basically did everything in her recipe but I didn't measure anything, I basically just put the ingredients in until I thought there was enough.
It was delicious!
I didn't have all the fancy toppings that she did so I just topped it with some cheese
Oh by the way.. We STILL have chicken left over!
I am going to have to come up with some more chicken meals!
Tomorrow is the big day! Every one will be coming to help us move and we will officially be in the new house!! YAYYY!!!!
Have a good weekend y'all! I'll have a house update for you on Monday!


  1. What a sweet friend! So glad you are getting things cleaned up, I bet you are ready to move everything in!!

  2. Yes! I am so excited! It has been sad being there and having to leave to come to the apartment for the night. I am so glad we will be in for good tomorrow :)