Thursday, September 5, 2013

All about move in day!

Alright so I planned on posting this on Tuesday but some how right before posting it my whole post got delete, I suppose we will try this again!
On Saturday we moved into our new house, we had some friends and family come help us and we got everything that was still at the apartment into 2 mini vans, 1 car, a truck and trailer in one trip!
The empty apartment
Loaded down.
May have looked a little like a circus
My dad loading the van
Phew! Everything unloaded and stuff everywhere!
Pizza is pretty much the go to food when feeding a lot of people.
mom and dad enjoying lunch.
My grandma and Uncle were in town shopping and eating and decided to come see the house.
relaxing after a hard day
It was nice to start early so that by the time we got everything out of the vehicles and ate lunch it was only about 2pm, that gave us the whole day to relax and/or unpack, we did a little bit of both.
My best friends husband (Brent) is a handy man and kept finding things to fix.
He figured out that the height of the refrigerator needed to be adjusted and once he did that it fit under the cabinet, yay!
He also fixed a light fixture that was hanging down a little to low.
I told them that I will have them over for dinner more often and Brent can fix stuff for us!
After everyone left Jason finished setting up our bed and we laid down on it and after just a few minutes it broke! This was the first time we had ever put it together and didn't even sleep one night on it! We had bought it from some people online and Jason thinks they knew it was crap when they sold it to us :(

We are back to just sleeping on a mattress and box spring until we get a new bed.
Hope y'all have a great day!


  1. That really stinks about your bed! And tell Brent he can come to my house so fix stuff any time! Haha!! Can't wait to see the house all done and pretty!

  2. I'm so happy for you, girl! I'm following your blog now so I can keep up with all the stuff you post. :)

  3. that stinks about your bed!! glad you are moved in and hope the unpacking goes well!

  4. Wow, I bet they did know about the bed, so rude! Pizza is a go-to for feeding a lot of well as basically any other excuse to have it haha.

    Xo, Kelsey