Friday, September 13, 2013

Down to the nitty gritty

Last week I made my last meal with my whole chicken.
I had already made so many meals and was running out of recipes, I started looking though the food we already had and decided on making chicken tacos.
I already had salsa, tortillas and cheese so I only had to buy sour cream.
I shredded the chicken and put it in a skillet with some salsa.
I warmed up the chicken then loaded it into the tortillas.
We topped our tacos with cheese and Greek yogurt (in place of sour cream, hubby didn't even notice the difference!)

This was the first time I had used Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream so I only used a little so I could make sure I liked it, it was pretty good!
Oh and I had a bag of Steamfresh Mexican rice that was freezer burnt, but I didn't realize until dinner was almost ready.
I had to think fast!
I found a bag of Brown and wild rice with carrots, corn and peas.
I was going to have to make this work!
I mixed some salsa into the rice and worked perfect!
Yum! This meal might not look very good but it was delicious!
Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Wow - delish! I'm cookin' up a little Mexican tonight too! I would love for you to come by and share what you're loving to my What I'm Loving Fridays Link Up!

    xo Lulu