Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap and a giveaway!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
On Saturday I went to the pork fest with my grandma, her friend Bonnie and Bonnie's husband Larry.
My grandma and Larry mostly just sat, followed us around and ate.
Bonnie and I shopped through all the craft and vendor booths.
I have never seen so many craft vendors in my life!
It was so fun looking around at everything.
When grandma and Larry went to eat we kept going! We had limited time and a lot of shopping to do!

Here is all the stuff I bought!
Cute towels to hang on the stove, and they won't fall off!

 Sign to hang over our bed, hello toe haha
Yummy smelling handmade fall candles

 Handmade microwave heating pad
Handmade sign for the bathroom

When I got home I told Jason to get dressed because I'm taking him to dinner.
We went to this cute little diner right down the street.
I loved the whole atmosphere, it was so cute!

Our food was delicious, I had a cheeseburger with onions and peppers on it.
Half way through our meal our waitress came up and told us our bill was taken care of, that the man sitting across the room had paid our bill, I was floored!
I always here stories of this happening but it has never happened to me.
We were already going to get a dessert to share but since our meal was paid for we decided to each get our own.
I got a hot fudge sundae and Jason had an orange-sicle shake
Having to only pay for our desserts our bill came to $7.50, our meal would have been about $15 (with out tip) so we decided to make up the difference and leave a $7.50 tip.
I am so thankful to that mystery man for paying our bill and allowing us to bless our waitress with a nice tip.

Have you ever received a blessing like this? A free meal or something from a kind mystery person?

On Sunday I went to my grandmas church.
After service they had a potluck, when I say they have a lot of food, well that is an understatement.
They always have enough food at their potlucks to feed an army, or two.
And the food is delicious!

Alright now for the giveaway!
I am taking part in a contest with Maegen @ The Modern Tulip and some other bloggers so go on over to her page to enter!!
Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. What an awesome random act of kindness! I've never personally experienced anything like that, but have heard about it. I think it's awesome that you paid it forward and gave your waitress a nice tip :)

  2. Aww how sweet of that man, that's so nice!! And looks like you got a lot of cute stuff, I love those towels, especially now that I have little ones cause they always pull them off the stove :)

  3. I feel like I just had a total "AH HA" moment with your picture of your dishtowels. Roxi is always swatting my dish towel into the floor with her tail. Why did I never think to get those dish towels? Duh! So thank you for sharing!

  4. that looks like my kind of diner!

    new follower :)