Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello Fall!

Hello Fall! I welcome you with open arms!
I was so excited to wear my boots, sweaters and scarves this week!
I was lucky enough to have two cute outfits to post this week, but I didn't feel like doing my hair, lets not push it.. One step at a time! I am just happy I put real clothes on 2 days in a row haha!

Check out my new chevron scarf!

Love it!
Here is the breakdown
Shirt- American Eagle
Sweater- Old Navy
Jeans- American Eagle
Scarf- Wal-Mart!!! Can you believe it???
Boots- Belk
This was a no makeup messy bun kind of days.. I'm sorry you have to see my naked face.

Would you be impressed if I told you a five year old took these pictures? Yup.. And I think he is a better photographer than the hubs.. At least he doesn't make fun of me while taking the pictures.
Shirt- Target
Sweater- Old Navy
Jeans- American Eagle
Chucks (Converse)- TJ Maxx
At one point I had a goal to have Chucks in every color.. I do have quite a few!
Did you have nice fall weather this week? Did you break out your fall attire?
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  1. Wow-that's awesome that you got your scarf from Walmart!! Way to go, it's super cute!

  2. love the pink sweater with that scarf. very nice!

  3. Chucks in every color is a fantastic goal! I currently have a black pair and a bright blue pair but I'm tempted to buy more every time I go to DSW - sometimes you can find great deals on colored pairs in their clearance section.

  4. love the fushia sweater! its the perfect pink for fall <3

  5. Cute! AND I love those Chuck Taylor's!

  6. You are such a cutie!! Love the outfits!