Thursday, September 19, 2013

Guest *Weight Loss* Post!

Hey Y'all!

I wanted to integrate a little more fitness into my blog and I decided I would interview someone who has lost a lot of weight, that brings me to Jessica.
Our parents were childhood friends and we met when they had a reunion a few years.
Jessica posts some of the funniest things on Facebook, I always know I will get a good laugh when she shows up on my newsfeed.
Jessica lost over 100 pounds the RIGHT way!
She has made some major changes in the last year, and before I spoil anything here is what she had to say.

How much weight did you lose?
From my heaviest til now I've lost 112 pounds. From the day I started working out daily I've lost 72 pounds.

When did you realize that you needed to lose weight?
I knew I needed to lose weight when I was in middle school. Some of my family members called me "pie face" and "fatty." In middle school I was picked on because I was one of the largest kids in my grade, maybe even the school. When my doctor told me that I needed to lose weight because I could develop chlorestrol and/or heart problems. She told me that my bad chlorestrol is fine but my good was low and that I needed to lose weight and eat right if I don't want to develop serious health problems.


How long did it take you to lose the weight?
I had tried six times to lose weight before September 2012. Each time I started I was depriving myself of the foods I really like (sweets and coke). I tried my junior year of high school to lose weight. That lasted for two months and I put all the weight back on after I gave up. So far I've kept it off for five months from the moment I reached goal weight.

How did you do it?
I counted calories. When I first started I didn't go over 1,200 calories a day. I ate and still eat a high protein diet and I drink a lot of water. As I began working out harder I upped my calorie intake. In mid-November I upped it to 1,500 calories and in February to 1,700. Currently I'm at 2,200-2,500 calories. I only ate sweets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I would have one sweet a day. Either a coke, candy bar, cookie or icecream. I didn't go over my caloric intake though. I just treated myself a little to help me stay on track and feel like I wasn't depriving myself.

What was the hardest part of losing weight?
Outside of working out the hardest thing was people began to change the way they look at me. I lost weight to become healthier. Some people liked me better heavy and unhealthy rather than a normal weight and healthy. People began viewing me as "stuck up" because I decided to do something for myself. I lost a few friends but it allowed me to see who my true friends really are.

What has been the hardest part of keeping the weight off?
Peer pressure. My family and close family friends think since I'm at goal weight that I can pig out and endulge in food all I want. Resisting temptation and not listening to others tell me I can eat whatever I want, when I want and not work out is hard. It gets in my head and I sometimes wonder if I can do that even though I know I can't.

Do you have any tips or advice you would give to readers trying to lose weight?
Losing weight is something that is done for yourself. Don't rely on a workout partner to go to the gym or walk/run with you. You have to be self motivated to change or it won't happen. There may be people that will try to fill you with doubt. That's because you're doing something that a lot of people talk about doing but may never do. Always drink a lot of water because it helps cleanse your system, helps you lose weight and naturally boost your metabolism. Stay away from deep fried foods and pasta. If you absolutely need pasta or deep friend foods have it once or twice a week. Moderation is the key.

Is there any thing else you would like to add?
You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let others stand in your way and don't failure or self doubt stop you. Results don't happen overnight. They take time.

Thanks Jessica!
Hope this was as motivating for y'all as it was for me!


  1. Yes! Congrats Jessica! I love reading transformation stories!

  2. What kind of workouts did you do and how did you motivate yourself to do them? This is my least favorite part :(

    1. Here is Jessica's reply
      I mainly focus on cardio. I run everyday. At first it was hard because I could only run 0.10 miles at a time before I was tired. I kept trying to run everyday on the treadmill and after a month I ran my first mile without stopping. It was hard but I didn't want to let myself down. When I run I always have music. It helps me to forget that I'm running because I tend to lose myself in the music. Other than running I do sit ups, push ups and V-ups the most. When the pain from those work outs hit I just keep reminding myself how bad I want the body of my dreams and that pain is temporary.

  3. I love this, she looks amazing! Very motivating :)

  4. You have to be self motivated to change or it won't happen. There may be people that will try to fill you with doubt. That's because you're doing something that a lot of people talk about doing but may never do. Mike