Thursday, September 12, 2013

Homemade Butter!

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in butter?
Go to your fridge now and look.
Is it really even butter? Does it contain vegetable oil?
More than likely you are using fake butter or butter with a ton of ingredients.
I have good news for you!
You can make your own butter!

It is so easy!!
 And guess what.. It takes a whopping ONE ingredient!!
Heavy whipping cream

I am using my KitchenAid mixer (with whisk attachment) but you can also make it in a blender
Pour all of you cream into the mixing bowl
Mix! Start slow so that it doesn't splash out.
Once it gets a little thicker you can kick it up to 6.
Keep mixing until it turns into a whipped cream consistency
at this point you could stop and add powdered sugar and vanilla to make it into whipped cream.
Keep mixing until the liquid and butter chunks separate
You are going to drain the liquid but you want to save it!
The buttermilk can be used for buttermilk biscuits or buttermilk pancakes 
I put a container under my strainer to catch all the buttermilk
Mix a little more to make sure all the buttermilk has been mixed out
push your spoon on the butter to get more buttermilk out
It is VERY important that you get all the buttermilk out because it will go bad earlier if you don't.
Soak it in water to get the buttermilk off the outside
Here is the end result!
It looks extremely yellow in this picture.
And naturally I had to make some homemade bread with my awesome $10 bread maker
The little window on top of the bread maker
As a kid my mom used to make bread in her bread machine and I always loved looking through the little window and watching it mix and bake, this brings back fond memories of my childhood :)


  1. I've always wanted to try making my own butter, thanks for the great tutorial. did it taste amazing?

  2. I've always wanted to try making my own butter, thanks for the great tutorial. did it taste amazing?

  3. After seeing this I am really scared to look at the ingredients of my butter! What an easy recipe and who knew, one ingredient?

  4. Can I go eat at your house??! You make your own bread AND butter!! That is way too cool!!! :D

    I found you on the blog hop, and am now following :D


  5. Look at you go mrs domestic! Love the pink mixer :)

  6. I am going to have to try this!!! I had no idea you could make it with just one ingredient!

  7. MMM - I *love* homemade butter. Great tutorial! :)