Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hello again, how was your weekend?
Saturday morning we met my grandma and uncle bright and early for breakfast.
 After breakfast Jason's dad came into town, we decided to take him to the Old West Fest, we had never been before but it sounded like fun.

The place was set up like a little town, it was so cool!
The bottom picture is one of the shows.
They had a ton of shows! As soon as one show ended, another one would start.
I saw these little cut outs and I couldn't resist a picture.
The second picture is from the horse race.
This show was my favorite!
This guy did gun twirling, lasso, and whips.
It was really cool! The way he swung the lasso around was amazing and the way he snapped the whips was awesome.
Trying out their hand with the bow and arrow.
Some guy let Jason try the "cheat lasso" haha it was basically a small rope with a circular rope on the bottom.
We loved watching the blacksmith, Jason could have stayed there and watched him all day.
He made that rose! I thought it was so cool!!
There was a lady that made soaps and bath salts and some other misc. things, my kind father in law bought me one :)
Another show, a little 3 man circus, it was entertaining.
I had to take a picture of the Sarah Jane sign, even though mine is spelled Sara Jane.
They had a little jail and you could pay $5 for someone to be taken to jail, the jailer would then have to plead his way out. This man got arrested during the circus.
On Sunday after church Jason and I visited with his mom then went to Monsters University, it was cute, I'd recommend it!
How was your weekend? Hope it was fabulous!
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