Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is it Fall yet??

I don't know about you but I am SOO ready for fall!
I may be jumping the gun a little here but I am breaking out the fall colors.
I love this vest with a racer back
Can be paired with this cute anchor necklace, but I forgot to wear it in my other pictures.
Shirt- Target
Jeans- American Eagle
Vest- Pac Sun
Necklace- Forever 21
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  1. You are adorable! I am excited for Fall as well. Its still SO hot where I am. Anyways... Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had to come over and check out yours. Love your blog name. So fun. New follower.


  2. That necklace is super pretty! I'm torn between jumping head first into fall fashion or soaking up as much of summer as possible. I live in the midwest and come October it will be freezing until probably April! Loving the color of your top, too.

  3. Nothing wrong with the fall colors coming into play so soon! I'm actually anticipating the cool down...I am getting tired of the weather playing chicken- make up your mind, mother nature! Love the racerback vest, definitely convinced me I should probably add one to my closet!

    Understated Classics

  4. Love that vest! And the necklace is super cute!

  5. You are so cute. I dig that necklace big time.

  6. I can not WAIT for fall weather. I'm so sick of the heat! Wanted to stop by and thank you for linking up with The Collective :)

  7. Love the outfit!! I have the same necklace in red =) twins

  8. I love the colors of your outfit! Definitely fall ready :)

    PS: It's my first time here and I love your blog.

  9. Loving army green for Fall

    Indulgera Blog

  10. I am so not ready for fall probably because we really have not had our summer heat here in Southern CA. Love your necklace!


  11. What a great way to wear a racerback! I always like them but don't know how to wear them b/c I don't have any racerback bras.

  12. Love your outfit. Great casual look. Thank you so much for linking up. See you next thursday. If you would like to co-host you can email me at


  13. I am also ready for fall! Love your necklace, so cute!

  14. I am definitely ready for fall too! Love the anchor necklace too! Thanks for sharing your look with Three-fer Thursday :)

    xo Bethany

  15. I love anchors, they are so cute!

  16. Cuuute. I'm so ready for Fall as well. I wish as soon as the kids returned to school it would automatically become sweater weather. We've had hotter days in the last week than we had during the summer. Just crazy. Your necklace is so fun.

  17. What a great anchor necklace! Thank you so much for linking up with What I'm Loving Fridays! Hope to see you back again :)

    xo Lulu
    *What I'm Loving Fridays Link Up*

  18. This is such a cute fall outfit! That necklace is so cute :) Can't wait for fall either.. love the layering!!